What are the differences between “JR Kyushu sponsored” and “Travel companies, etc.”?
This train’s tickets will be sold at the JR Kyushu travel branch and travel agencies across the country. “JR Kyushu sponsored” is sold at the JR Kyushu travel branch and JR Kyushu station travel center as a JR Kyushu travel sponsored product. “Travel companies, etc.” are adjusted for selling at travel agencies, mainly the major companies across the country.
In the future, the setting dates might be changed.
Will the tickets not be sold at the station?
They will be sold as a travel product, and are therefore sold at the JR Kyushu travel branch station travel center ARU RESSHA tour desk for JR Kyushu sponsored tickets.
They will not be sold at JR ticketing offices (Midori-no-madoguchi).
It says on sale starting at JPY 24,000, but do you have any other plans?
The basic plan (one-way JR ticket, sweets course, drinks) for JR Kyushu sponsored tickets is JPY 24,000 per person (adult).
In the case of using such as for single person use, we set additional fees. For more details, please refer to the pamphlet.
Are the drinks included in the fee?
Yes they are.
Are tickets available for single passengers?
Yes they are for JR Kyushu sponsored tickets, but we will charge an additional fee. For more details, please refer to the pamphlet.
What about travelling with my children?
For JR Kyushu sponsored tickets, we have the set price for the children who are between 10 to 12 years old.
We provide the same course menu as for adults.
For more details, please refer to the pamphlet.
I am worried about the serving size of the course. Is it ok to ride after having eaten breakfast or lunch?
The course will start with a lunch box, follow with three sweets dishes,
and at the end you can enjoy mignardises, so we think it will meet your satisfaction.
It might depend on your health condition, but if you will have breakfast or lunch, we suggest that you have a light meal.
What are mignardises?
They are teacakes for the last course. Please enjoy 3 small sweets.
Can we make additional orders, such as for soup and sweets?
We are sorry, but there are no additional orders, so please enjoy the sweets course as is served.
Can I have the sweets course as take-out?
We are sorry, for the sake of maintaining their quality, please have them on the train.
Is there no smoking on the train?
There is no smoking on the train.

「JRKYUSHU SWEET TRAIN / “ARU RESSHA”」is a registered trademark of JR Kyushu.
「Sweets Train」 is a registered trademark of a third party that has nothing to do with our company.