High quality atmosphere delivering the pleasures of an elegant railway journey

Based on the model of the “ARU RESSHA,” the beloved dream train of the late founder of the HARA Model Railway Museum in Yokohama, Mr. Nobutaro Hara, and with cooperation from HARA Model Railway Museum deputy director Mr. Kento Hara, Mr. Eiji Mitooka and Don Design Associates made designs and plans.
In order to restore world famous railway modeler Mr. Nobutaro Hara’s creation "ARU RESSHA" into 1/1 scale and inherit his romance and passion, the colors, shapes, and materials of Kyushu, Japan, and the rest of the world are combined with expert craftsmanship to produce the high quality of this one and only D&S train.
The exterior design is modeled after the “ARU RESSHA,” colored gold and black, and arranged with an arabesque design.


Based on the model of Mr. Nobutaro Hara’s beloved dream passenger car "ARU RESSHA," it has a "ROYAL" design based around the colors of black and gold.


Car No. 1

Romantic colors, classic shapes, and materials made of bright and soft maple. The interior is designed in two-seat and four-seat configurations, complete with a coffered ceiling also used in the Seven Stars in Kyushu. The warm embrace of wood can be felt within the car.

Car No. 2

Compartments (private rooms for two) surrounded by reserved coloring and walnut muntins are available. The muntin craftsmanship used is the same as that in Seven Stars in Kyushu.