Revived after 100 years of sleep, the luxury train of your dreams

In 1906, despite Kyushu Railway having ordered a luxury passenger train from the J. G. Brill Company in the United States, due to Kyushu Railway being nationalized, there were never any opportunities for the Brill Passenger Car for Kyushu Railway, also known as "ARU RESSHA," to be of service.
The luxury passenger “Train of Dreams,” which included the most luxurious facilities of Japan at the time, revives in the summer of 2015 in Kyushu.
The model is that of the late Mr. Nobutaro Hara, who had an extreme love for railways and was called a god of the global model railway.
Using this model as a base, Mr. Eiji Mitooka made the designs and plans.
Mr. Kento Hara, deputy director of the HARA Model Railway Museum, supervised.
With a luxurious atmosphere of the same quality as the cruise train Seven Stars in Kyushu, it is a blissful D&S train that serves a course meal produced by Mr. Yoshihiro Narisawa, a chef who continues to cook using the natural environment as his theme.

A dream train that allows you to enjoy the best in “cuisine, time, and hospitality”

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